1. Unwrap flowers and remove from temporary water source.

2. Snip off 1-2" from the bottom. Repeating every few days will help stems drink more water and stay fresh longer.

3. Place flowers in a vase filled with 1/2 water. Make sure no leaves are touching water to avoid bacteria growth.

4. Replace water daily. *Pro Tip - Mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar into the fresh water to help further prevent bacteria growth.

5. Place flowers in a cool elevated spot with access to indirect sunlight.


Follow steps 4-5.


First Use - Light candle, burn until surface melts and enjoy.

Trim - For every following burn, trim the wick to a maximum length of ¼” prior to lighting, to prevent smoke and residue.

Finished - Once the metal wick sustainer surfaces, the candle is finished and should not be relit.

Safety - Never leave a lit candle unattended or let it burn for more than 4 hours at a time, under supervision. Place candle away from drafty areas or in direct contact with a precious surface. Position on a flat, heat resistant surface. Keep candle out of reach from children and pets.

After Care

How to Clean Jar - Fill with hot water and soak. Remove wick sustainer and wipe out remaining residue with a warm damp towel.

Recycle/Reuse - Give your glass jar a second life - they make great flower vases, tealight holders, desk or vanity jars, and more. Otherwise, please recycle properly after cleaning out the inside. For general information on how to recycle, please visit